After An Office Fire, Be Sure To Hire An Electrician

Once you have experienced an office fire, you are probably eager to avoid another one. Hiring a commercial electrician is an important step to take for many reasons, but here are some of the most useful services they can offer.

Pinpoint the Cause of the Fire

It can be hard to tell what really caused a fire. Perhaps an appliance or printer caught fire. It could be a problem with the appliance's wiring, or there could be an issue with that part of your office's wiring. You never know until you have an electrician do an actual inspection.

Help You Determine if Other Equipment Is Safe

If a fire is traced back to a single outlet or appliance, you may not know if the other office equipment is safe to use. For example, high voltage surging through an outlet could affect all other equipment tied to that outlet, making it at risk of an electrical malfunction. It's good to know what condition your equipment stands in in case you need to back up files from damaged electrical appliances or replace them to reduce your fire risk.

Part of this job may also include simply replacing the electrical fixtures that were damaged by a fire. Charred outlets or burnt light switches are not an attractive or safe thing to have in your office. Electrical testing will quickly reveal which outlets have been put on their last legs by a fire.

Do an Electrical Wiring Inspection

One issue is that electrical wiring issues may be present for quite a while until you realize the problem and get it fixed (or experience an unexpected fire). This may be a good wake up call for your building to get your wiring checked more often. Your commercial electricians will check to make sure that no wires are damaged, that you are not overloading any of your circuit breakers, and that everything is labeled and organized clearly so that future electrical technicians don't make a mistake when they work on your electrical components.

After a fire, your employees or building tenants will be anxious to know that they are safe and that any additional hazards in the building have been eliminated. Getting a commercial electrician inspection is just one part of taking care of this. And since these inspections may catch problems before they develop, consider it as a type of insurance against property damage. Contact a company like Plymouth Electric Inc to learn more.