Electrical Updates For The Kid’s Room

When you're planning on turning a bedroom of your home into the kid's room, it's a good idea to get an electric inspection and do certain updates to make sure the space is safe for young children. Here are some of the key parts of that job.

Inspecting Existing Electrical Elements

If you haven't done this in a while, it is often a good idea to have your electrician do a whole house inspection to see if there are any electric components that need to be replaced. Many potential issues could come up. They may notice that some appliances or light fixtures are faulty. This is evident when lights are flickering or appliances buzz. Charring at outlets may also be a sign of light or appliance malfunction. The outlets themselves will be checked to ensure that they are grounded. This is done by taking voltage readings at each outlet.

Your electrician can also check your home's internal wiring to ensure that no wires are damaged. They may also clean up the organization of wires in case they are crossed or improperly labeled. Getting all of these things in order is a great first step to ensure that your home's electrical foundation does not present any hazards.

Checking the Wiring of Outlets

Another thing that can be done is to ensure you have adequate circuit breakers for all areas of your home. If your electric wires get tripped frequently, it could be a hazard, especially in the baby's room, for instance, if you lose power to baby monitors or heating elements in the room. Additional circuit breaker panel installation is a likely recommendation if you have many outlets rigged to the same power source.

Installing RCD Protection

Also look into getting RCD protection installed in the kids' room. An RCD, which stands for residual current device, detects when a circuit has malfunctioned and immediately shuts off power to that circuit. It is invaluable in preventing shock to children and anyone else.

Taking Steps to Childproof Your Electricity Sources

Besides working with an electrician to get your room's wiring correct, there are also small steps that you can take to protect children from electricity sources. For one, taping any cords out of the way so that kids aren't tempted to play with them is a good idea. The same goes for installing outlet plugs to keep your electrical outlets covered; however, that has to be balanced with the possibility of a small child putting the outlet plug in their mouth. Speak with your electrician about other safe ways to babyproof the kids' room. Contact a company like Etheridge Electric Company Inc to learn more.