Times To Call An Emergency Electrician For Problems With Your Home’s Wiring

Electrical problems in your home should be repaired promptly, so you reduce the risk of shock and fire. Some problems are more serious than others and require emergency care. Fortunately, you can get 24-7 help from an electrician. The key is knowing when to make a call for emergency help. Here are a few situations that require immediate attention.

When Wiring Falls Into Water

The electrical wiring in your home should never touch any water. If there's been a small flood in your home and wiring is involved, an electrician should be called right away. If you've been working on your home doing construction, such as knocking out a wall, and displace the wiring and cause it to contact water, make sure the electricity is off at the main and call a 247  emergency electrician.

If You Expose Wiring

You probably never see the wiring in your home, but you might encounter it if you attempt renovations or if you dig outdoors. If you uncover exposed wiring, you should call an electrician to repair it right away to prevent a shock. You might even cause damage to the wiring during your DIY construction efforts. In either case, you'll want to keep the power off until an electrician can repair it and make it safe to use.

When There Is No Power

Being without power is frustrating, but you need to find the cause before you call an electrician. Call your utility provider first to see if there's an outage in your area or if you forgot to pay your electric bill. The utility company may send a crew to check the pole to service the line, but if the problem is with your electrical panel or home, then you'll need an electrician for repairs. Just be sure the problem isn't a tripped circuit. If the temperatures are extreme and you have small kids or elderly family members in the house, or if someone in your home needs electricity for medical equipment, then call for emergency service so your power can be restored as soon as possible.

If Outlets Show Signs Of Fire

Electrical fires sometimes start by smoldering. You may smell burning plastic or rubber, and you may not know where it's coming from. You may also see smoke coming from the outlets. The wall around the outlets may be hot too. These are all signs of a fire building in the wall, and you need to call the fire department first. Turn off the electricity at your electrical panel unless the panel is smoking too. Leave your house and wait for the fire department to respond and put out the fire if there is one. Then, you'll need an electrician to come to your home right away to repair the damage so your power can be restored safely.

When the electrical system in your home has you worried, then call an emergency electrician for your safety and peace of mind. The electrician can help you decide if you need instant help, and they can be at your home day or night to be of service.