What To Do When The Power Goes Out In Your Business

Many times an electrical problem in your building has a simple solution, but if you are not sure what to check or even where the electrical panel is for your business, you may have a hard time fixing the issue. Calling a commercial electrical repair service to resolve the issue may be the only option. 

Complete Power Outage

If the power in your entire business is out, your electrician will check the breaker panel that feeds the business for power coming in and for any tripped breakers. If the electrician does not find any breakers tripped off, they will need to look further and make sure that the power is not out in the area around the business. 

If the local power company does not have an outage, diagnosing the problem could take some time. Let your electrician know what you were doing when the power went off. This information may be relevant to the situation and may help them find the problem quickly. 

Local Power Loss

Sometimes you can lose power in a section of your building or in a very specific instance. For localized power loss, the first thing to check is the breakers, but if there is a tripped breaker, the electrician will need to determine why it is off. 

If the power outrages are limited to a piece of equipment, the electrician may test the outlet where that equipment is at, or the equipment itself could be the problem. If it is drawing too much power for the circuit, the electrician may need to install an outlet and wiring that is dedicated to the equipment to fix the problem. While the outlet may not be broken, the equipment trying to draw more power than the outlet can supply could cause a fire, but at a minimum, will keep tripping breakers. 

Lighting Problems

Lighting can be a problem if it suddenly stops working. Try replacing the bulb on the light and if that does not solve the problem, call an electrician to help. Fluorescent lighting problems are often a bad ballast in the light, but to change it, you need to take the light apart, remove the old ballast, and wire in a new one. 

While it is not a big job for an electrician, if you don't know how to do it, you shouldn't try and do it yourself. In some states, you can't legally do it yourself in a commercial structure, and if something happens, the insurance company could be a problem to work with if they find out you were working on your own electrical.