Why Are Your Landscape Lights Burning Out Regularly?

Are your landscape lights burning out often? Are you tired of investing in new bulbs? Reliable landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor space and keeps out intruders. Thus, if your backyard is dark almost every night due to blown bulbs, it may be time to resolve the problem. Various issues can cause your bulbs to burn out often. Below are the leading causes and what you can do about them. Damaged Electrical Wiring Read More 

Repairs That Might Be Needed When the Lights in Your House Flicker

There are many causes for flickering lights in your house, and some are more serious than others. However, you shouldn't ignore flickering lights as they are signs something is wrong. Lights that flicker all over your house could indicate an electrical emergency. Here's why whole-house light flickering is dangerous and the repair work your electrical system might need. 1. Why Whole-House Light Flickering Is Serious When flickering is confined to a single light, the problem could be with a bulb or with the light wiring. Read More